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Organizing Your Fridge

All moms know that keeping a tidy refrigerator is darn near an impossible task most of the time. If you like your things in order like me, trying to maintain your fridge and keep track of what's inside can be quite the assignment.

After doing some research ( yes I researched this lol) I decided that bins would be my best option to get the job done, and keep the ice box nice and neat.

So I grabbed my Vibesetter Tote, took a trip to the market and a few Marshalls, and decided to grab some clear bins to get some order in my kitchen.

What I grabbed:

3 small stackable bins

2 medium bins

4 large clear bins

1 clear egg organizer

How I used the bins:

  • I used the large bins to hold breads, cheeses, and my lemons ( I use them frequently so I want easy access to them)

  • medium bins were used to consolidate condiments and smaller items (this helps to keep order and maintain clean lines visually

  • the small bins were used in my drawer section to organize items like lunch meats and breakfast sausages

  • the egg organizer is was really just for optics. it also helps to keep the uniformity and create a theme for the fridge.

All and all I spent between $3- $7 on the bins (some came in sets of two or three); and I love the way it turned out! Let me know if this is a project you'd like to tackle.. Also if the organizers are a product you would like to see at QQ in the future.

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Unknown member
Oct 26, 2021


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