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QQ Collaborations

Quiet Quarters is intentional regarding collaborating with other local businesses. We believe that collaborating allows brands to show up for one another in creative and positive ways. We are proud of the efforts we make to network laterally with other up-and-coming brands, and will continue to find ways to create and Collab with businesses within our community. Check out our recent Collaborations below and shop


Bounced. Collab

DreamCatcher Candle

Get the ultimate bedtime experience by pairing your silk pillowcase with the "Dream Catcher" Candle. 

The Bounced. 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcases give you the cool luxe rest your skin and hair deserves, while the "Dream Catcher" candle gets you in the mood for the best sleep of your dreams.


The perfect blend of soothing lavender and white sage. This candle will inspire relaxation and peace of mind. Perfect for setting your intentions or snuggling up for a good night's rest.

Available individually or sold as a set with the bounced. silk pillowcase


Office XIV Podcast Collab

WorkBae Candle

This musk & cedar blanc candle smells just like the "work bae" of your dreams. It's masculine and warm, with a hint of sweetness that makes you want to just cuddle up under bae. 

The Office XIV is a podcast about 5 friends giving their experience and advice on topics such as relationships, friendships, life, vacations, sex, mental health, dating & music.

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