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Day 8- Movement

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

We've now entered the second week of our 28 Day Self-Care journey. Yesterday we stretched to prepare us for today's prompt

Practice Yoga for 15 Minutes

If you are new to yoga- no worries... I have linked a beginner friendly yoga practice below

Don't worry about having a mat or any fancy yoga accessories.. just find a space in your home and led with your breath.

If you're already a yogi.. just make sure you take time out today to practice and remember how beneficial yoga is in your life.

Here are a few benefits of practicing yoga:

  • improves posture

  • increases flexibility

  • decreases anxiety & stress

  • increases blood flow

  • improves respiration, energy & vitality

Also, don't forget to download this weeks' planner to keep track and plan ahead for the next 6 days.

28 Days of Self Care- Week 2
Download PDF • 205KB

Take care of you.


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