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Day 7- Movement

We've hit the 1 week mark of our 28 day challenge!! Congrats on continuing to show up for this self-care journey.

Today we are focusing on movement.


Stretching helps with blood circulation, flexibility, is a stress reliever, and is also known to help you sleep better.

I've attached a guided stretch video in case you need some assistance with your movements.

Don't forget to download the weekly planner for days 8-14 below.

28 Days of Self Care- Week 2
Download PDF • 205KB

Again Congrats for continuing to show up for yourself on this 28 Days of Self-Care Journey (Black Girls Practicing Self Care)! I'm proud of you. Make sure to share some of your thoughts and progress with us in the comments or by tagging QQ on social @quietquarters ..I want to know how you're feeling throughout this process.

Take care of you


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