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Day 6- Journal Prompt

Welcome to day 6 of our 28 Day Challenge! Hopefully you've enjoyed the journey thus far. Today we dig deep with a journal prompt that will involve some real self care and ideally some healing. So grab your journal and maybe even a box of tissues.

Write A Letter Of Forgiveness to Yourself

This letter is about reflecting and acknowledging past behaviors, unkind self-talk, or anything that you would like to forgive. We are usually our worst critics and can hold grudges with ourselves. Its time to write it down and let it go.. or at least begin the process of letting it go. Forgiveness starts within (I know I have a list of things I need to forgive myself for).

Don't forget this is a healing exercise.. so be kind to yourself.

Take special care of you today!

- Ri

P.S. you will be able to download next weeks' calendar from tomorrows blog post! Looking forward to continuing this journey with you all.

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