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Day 4- Affirmations

We are halfway through our 1st week!!! Im proud of you and I hope you're feeling the love.

On Day 4, we are practicing Words of Affirmation. Simply put, affirmations are positive statements that work against negative thoughts or reiterate positive thoughts. Today's affirmation we are redirecting those "Negative Nancy" thoughts.


I'm challenging you to repeat this to yourself throughout the day whenever you may feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, writing it down on a sticky note and placing it in a frequently used location helps (Try the bathroom mirror or the fridge). Saying it to yourself is cool... but saying it aloud is the goal. Make sure to take note of how you're feeling when you speak these words. To go even further, try to show up for yourself in that moment of struggle.

I also recommend writing a journal entry at the end of the day to document how utilizing the affirmation made you feel, and what parts of your day called for the reminder " My struggles are opportunities to show up for myself".

Congrats again for making it to Day 4!

Take care of you.


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