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Day 28- Self Care Your Way

We've Made It!!!! It's Day 28 of our self-care journey! By now you should be a self-care connoisseur. We've worked on Wellness, Journaling, Movement, Quiet Time & Affirmations. We've challenged ourselves, and we've given ourselves time to rest. We have dedicated the past 28 days to showing ourselves some extra love and affection and we should be extremely proud!

So, Today you get to choose how you want to show up for yourself...

Take What you've learned from this journey , and do whatever moves you today. Practice Self Care your Way!

And remember... Just because the challenge is coming to an end doesn't mean you should stop taking time for you throughout the days to come. Continue to make yourself a priority. Continue to have the hard conversations with yourself. Continue speaking affirmations when you need them.

Continue being a Black Girl Practicing Self Care!

This journey has not only been amazing to curate, but it has been amazing to participate in as well. I hope you all are going to carry some of these experiences with you in your daily life.

As always, take care of you.

- RI

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