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Day 27- Journal Prompt

Today is a day of reflection. We will be writing about how the 28 Day Self-Care experience has been. Have we enjoyed some prompts more than others, have we learned new things about ourselves, or was it a struggle to stay committed to it every day?


Whatever your truth is.. lets put it on paper so that we can use it as a tool later to remember what forms of self care we gravitate to most. Also, If you've been able to make it this far please comment how you liked the challenge on the blog or on our social media.

I'd like to know what things were done well, or what things I might need to improve on.

Tomorrow is the last day! Im excited, and to be honest a little relieved . This has def been a big commitment for me to keep up with.. and I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have.

Take care of you


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