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Day 21- Movement

I don't know about you, but music brings me so much joy (Especially a song I can dance to). For some reason a good song will make you forget about anything you could be going through. A good song ca change your mood in an instant. So today we will be dancing!!

Dance to your favorite song

I don't care what the song is.. turn it on and move your body. I'm pretty sure I will be playing some Marvin Gaye because his music always makes me want to dance. Whatever you choose... free yourself and enjoy the vibes.

Below you will find the calendar for the last week of our 28 Day Self Care challenge! If you've made it this far congrats!! I'm proud of you for sticking to it.. and I'm proud of me for being committed to writing these blogs everyday to guide you along the journey.

28 Days of Self Care--2
Download PDF • 192KB

Take car of you!


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