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"Once she cleans the kitchen and lights a candle The Kitchen's Closed"


Dishes washed, counters cleared, leftovers in the fridge, glass of wine poured... it's time to chill because The Kitchen's Closed. 


Honeysuckle, Jasmine & White Eucalyptus

100 % Natural Soy Wax

311 grams

Burn time 60hrs


Poured in a ceramic vessel with a label designed to mimic a spice jar.. this candle will blend right in with any kitchen aesthetic. Available in 2 colors.


Don't throw away your vessel! Once your candle is finished, the vessel can be cleaned & repurposed.


The Kitchen's Closed Candle


this candle is hand-poured in house and made of 100% natural soy wax

311 grams, cotton braided wick, 60 hr burn time

Pillows & Throws

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